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* Mexican authorities say his death was an accident. Her boyfriend says otherwise.

Colombian Sara Ramirez Bonilla

On August 4 disappeared Colombian Sara Ramirez Bonilla, who according to Mexican authorities fell from the sixth floor of the hotel Villas del Palmar in Cancun, where he was hosted with her boyfriend. (Read: They investigate strange death of Colombian in Cancún)

In this case, as in the caleña model Stephanie Magon, called into question the versions of the Mexican authorities to ensure that both Colombian died accidentally. However, in the case of a witness Sara (her boyfriend) says otherwise. (Read: Mexican authorities change caleña version of death model)

Sara's stepmother says the Police handled Cancun "irregular shape" the investigative process of his death and gave the family a testimony that does not match at all, so the boyfriend of the girl said.

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Mexico require research


MEXICO CITY The embassies of France, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands in Mexico expressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs grave concern about the evictions 16 hotels in Tulum, Quintana Roo, on 17 June and requested Foreign Ministry to intercede for a "deep and serious investigation" into the case is made.

Through a letter bearing the seals of the four embassies, which have copy Expansion and Mexico against Corruption and Impunity, representatives of European countries criticized on that date several hotels, some traders and investors foreign- they apparently were evicted without notice.

"The above mentioned embassies can not judge the status of each evicted hotel but want to appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the competent authorities to make a thorough and serious investigation to determine all righteousness and according to the Law the rights of operators and investors of hotels in that area of ​​Tulum, "reads the letter diplomatic dated 5 July 2016. Sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs say that the agency did not receive the document.

Wednesday Expansion and Mexican corruption and impunity, published a research called The Pirates Borge: The looting of property institutionalized in Quintana Roo where institutional machinery composed of public officials sponsored by Governor Roberto Borge snatching heritage exposed companies, individuals and ejidatarios through labor lawsuits and other mechanisms way in which it is not given to the accused right audience.

This network is responsible for fraud and waste of houses, luxury apartments, buildings and land to individuals to appropriate them or sell them at half their value. The scheme also operates dispossession by freezing and withdrawal of money from bank accounts.

Tulum is not exempt from this spoils. Through some labor, civil and commercial judgments from 2011 to date, the authorities have forcibly evicted 28 farms, 26 hotels and 13 private cabins of the coastal strip of ejido Jose Maria Pino Suarez.

The largest and most recent case, they refer to the diplomatic offices of the four countries, was given on 17 June, when owners and tenants of 16 hotels and three farms were evicted as a result of an oral civil trial that never were part or notified of dispossession.

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The beaches of Grand Oasis Sand

CANCUN, MX.- A Canadian tourist died drowned this morning on the beaches of Grand Oasis Sand, located at kilometer 19 of the Hotel Zone, where he got to swim despite the warnings of lifeguards.

In this sense, at 11:25 pm today, through the emergency number 066 he was reported an unconscious person on the beach, so the authorities immediately went to the scene and met with the safety officer, EE, who said that at 10:50 hours realized that a couple was getting into the sea when he was very choppy, so I gave him part guardavidas and it began to him to draw attention to alert on the waves.

However, the couple ignored and went into the sea, but at some point the waves began to drag them both and the lifeguard entered them out, but the man could not be rescued.

He was immediately requested support from paramedics, arriving at the emergency room instead Life, whose members gave him first aid to tourists Z.z., of Canadian origin, who had no vital signs.

The now deceased was staying in room 820 of the above hotel and her body was transferred to Semefo facilities where Law necropsy will be performed and continue the procedures for handing over the body.

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MEXICO CITY Canadian citizen arrested in Acapulco for kissing a three year old girl has a history of pedophilia, said local deputy of the PRD, Maria del Carmen Cabrera Lagunas who is a member of the Committee on the Rights and Girls, children and Adolescents of the local Congress.

According to the lawmaker, Lee Suk Williams is the real name of who was posing as Walter Suk; besides that in Canada it is evidenced by the same offense. Lee Suk also has a history of this reprehensible conduct in Quintana Roo.

Given this context, he demanded the competent authorities and the judge who follows the case denied bail detainee.

"This has to be known and condemned by everyone, even can not think that these facts are not serious, it would be totally unacceptable and intolerant assume that it has been a normal event, which does not mean the abuse and corruption of a minor" he said Cabrera Lagunas Quasdratín told the agency.

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CANCUN, MX.- Aramburu Mariana Farias, a young native of Mexico City lawyer, and who was beaten by four women in the Hotel Me Melia Cancun, launched a campaign against hosting center after he would not provide help and the coludiera manager with their assailants to flee.

In a video circulating on youtube, Mariana Aramburu says that women who assaulted her in the bathroom of the hotel in the early hours of last Saturday, are "Colombian prostitutes" and that the manager himself of Me Melia, Elias Garcia Moreno, confirmed him who they were not guests.
In the video, she tells that when he was in the bathroom in the lobby was hit by four women, and although they asked for help no one came. He said he went to the hotel reception where he reported the facts to the manager on duty, Elias Garcia Moren, telling people who were assaulted her, confirming that they were not hotel guests.

Aramburu asked to call a patrol, but not only did not but also let out the aggressor, so when a patrol, who requested the friends of Mariana Aramburu through the number 066, nothing could be done came as his assailants had fled.

The lawyer presumes that I Meliá hotel changed rotation, because as noted in the video, "in the pool smelled marijuana" so it presumed existence of "drug trafficking" and possibly "try white" .
Plus it was not offered medical assistance to the young, the manager refused to let him see the videos that sees the aggressor.

He charged that "forget" the attack offered some free hotel nights lodging, but instead should sign a letter exempting him from all harm or liability. What he is not accepted, and instead filed the corresponding complaint, same as he was seated on the record AP / ZN / CAN / ZH / 01/51 / 3-2016.
"I wanted to stop the beating cheap," he says in the video. Mariana asked authorities to investigate the case and give their aggressors.

The video concludes by asking "I never go to Melia hotel." Today through the hashtag #JusticiaAMariana, the issue took notoriety.



Posted on March 10, 2016

* Apply 'fines' of up to $ 500
* US consul concerned in the Yucatan Peninsula

CANCUN, MX.- The US consul general in the Yucatan Peninsula, David Mico said his country's concern for extortion cases against US citizens by traffic police in Cancun.
The diplomat was a guest at the monthly meeting of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE-C), which outlined the various cases in which US citizens have been involved in Cancún, especially those who use rental cars.

Luis Camera Pattern, leader of CCE-C, said the consul did not specify the number of cases that have registered, but external that there is a latent concern that there are already several consulates that have reported the same complaint against traffic agents.

The more than 20 business organizations affiliated to CCE expressed support for the complaint consul and pledged to seek future meetings with the authorities of state and municipal order in Quintana Roo to find an immediate solution, because although the problem is not very serious , could grow if you do not do something about it, Skipper House said.

Although the general perception of the US consulate about Cancun is great security, he said, this complaint has been persistent in recent years. The most frequent victims are tourists aboard rented cars, who are detained under the pretext of driving to speeding. Once the agent detainees can reach up to $ 500 asking them under the threat of leading to El Torito and confiscate the car.

Attorney Carlos Arturo Alvarez staircase with the US Consul General, David Joseph Mico.

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Permanent suspension of works at the Malecon TAJAMAR AMPARO TO RESOLVE IN CANCUN. QUINTANA ROO

Posted on February 3, 2016 in Cancun

CANCUN, MX.- Advocates mangrove Tajamar obtained this morning a major victory after the second district judge in Quintana Roo, Gerardo Vázquez Morales, gave the definitive suspension against slashing, clearing, filling and related works construction on the boardwalk.

With this injunction all jobs in that place stop, until the judge Vazquez Morales resolved thoroughly under file number 086/2016, promoted by the citizen Silvia Fuentes Calleja against the National Fund for Tourism Development (FONATUR ) and the city of Benito Juarez (Cancun).

"(Suspension) represents a hope that there is an authority that is beginning to work in this country and that is gaining credibility, judges are defending the citizens," said Araceli Dominguez Political Animal, official spokesperson of the movement for Tajamar salvation.

"We won a big battle, as the court suspended the destruction until the amparo judgment is issued, so the process continues," the group Save Mangrove Tajamar on his Facebook page.

Dominguez explained that there are at least 14 injunctions brought by citizens, including 113 children and a child under 10 months, which is represented by his mother. These will be resolved in the coming days.

Fonatur can still challenge the judge's decision, and if so, would be a collegiate court which would give a final ruling on the case. "The possibility of the suspension is very large," said the spokeswoman.

If the judge ultimately resolved in favor of the activists, Tajamar has hope to regenerate.

Dominguez explained that there are several biologists who have volunteered to work in the mangrove reforestation, which would take about three years.



Robbers arrested in the exclusive Playacar

Joseph Andersen 35 years old

PLAYA DEL CARMEN, MX.- In a joint operation of the National Migration Institute (INM) and the State Judicial Police (PJE) the arrest of a fugitive from US justice was achieved, considered a dangerous bank robbers, involved in robberies navy, among others.

1fugitivo2La arrest of Joseph Andersen 35 years old, was carried out around 15:00 hours on Monday, in the exclusive resort of Playacar, during an immigration review carried out by the Prefectures of INM and PJE belonging to the Attorney General of the State (PGJE).

The afternoon of this Monday, Josep Andersen, was taken by INM authorities supported the PJE International Airport Cancun and deported to the United States, where he is wanted by Marshall, in addressing the justice in Walker, Michigan, from which he escaped to violating the conditions of his release.
Joseph Andersen 35 years old

In addition to the armed robbery on 22 March 2005, Joseph Andersen struck Credit Union Meijer (bank) in Gaynor NW Walker, seizing more than $ 11,000, was arrested and after serving time for their crimes, Andersen was released on federal supervision; however, he escaped violating his parole, becoming a fugitive from justice, choosing Playa del Carmen to hide.

Finally, remember that in early December of the year just ended, John Castellanos, 45 years old, who was wanted by the justice of the United States on charges of manufacturing and supplying cannabis and five counts of use illegal arms and ammunition by a convicted felon, among other charges, was arrested by the Mexican Army, the INM and PJE in this tourist destination where posing as restaurateur entrepreneur, under the alias of Emilio Alvarez, and owned restaurant Chicago, Beef.



The Plaza Nichupte

CANCUN, MX.- Rubén López González is the true identity of the Cuban who was wounded with three bullets on Saturday night at the Plaza Nichupte, who is linked to several crimes such as trafficking in people and drugs.

The state Attorney General's Office request information from US authorities, because apparently the Cuban has criminal records in the country.

Until yesterday he had not testified before the Public Prosecutor's Office, because his health is still delicate.
A number of contradictions have arisen in the case of the Cuban who was shot Saturday night when he was preparing to leave the Nichupte plaza.

The day of the incident, the injured and his girlfriend he provided two different identities: Antonio Ríos Gómez and Antonio Martínez Fuentes, the latter being the name given to enter the hospital Galenia where he arrived aboard his own car in which was fired upon.

Yesterday the Attorney General reported that the injured remained hospitalized and in poor health, so was unable to testify before the Public Prosecutor's Office.

Similarly unveiled the social representative handling the case, could not determine the nationality of the injured, because not have documents to that girlfriend and said that this is Mexican.
However, the State Judicial Police (PJE) has reports that the injured is actually called Rubén López González, of Cuban origin, so that information was requested and the National Migration Institute to meet the legal origin.

The injured couple who happened to be of Guatemalan origin, told the ministerial authority only know your partner is dedicated to conducting catamaran tours in Cancun's hotel zone, ensuring that people know what the injury is related to conduct such business .

Rubén López González was arrested in 2009 in Cancun, along with two other Cuban and Veracruz native woman.
At that time, they secured a luxury SUV stolen and a gun, but all were released.

Trafficking in persons of Cuban origin and drug trafficking are the two illicit activities that have been linked to the injured, so the Judicial Police reports prompted the Federal Bureau

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COZUMEL, MX.- A serious accident, caused by a pair of Argentine tourists, it occurred Thursday afternoon in the busy streets of Claudio Canto Anduze and 65 Avenue, south of the city, and left one person dead and two detainees.

The facts, according to source from the area of ​​Expertise in the Directorate of Public Security, occurred when a van Chevrolet Tracker kind of navy blue license plates 70-79-TRW, owned by the Chac rentadora, circulated from east to west on Claudio Canto.

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At the intersection with Avenue 65 conductive did not make his high, which caused it to hit in the right side of a white Volkswagen with UUN-546-A plates, circulating from west to east and is incorporated correctly to 65 Avenue.

Braking footprint of about 50 meters above the pavement reveals that the driver of the Tracker, a woman in Argentina nationality, was traveling at excessive speed.

The impact was so great that the Volkswagen was projected against the central ridge of Claudio Canto Avenue collided with a concrete pole power lines and bounced off a tree where it finally stopped.

Severely wounded 

Inside it was a man about 26 years old, pressed between the wreckage; The accident occurred just 50 meters from the sub fire station whose elements were the first to lend help to the injured.
Consideration with a wound in the skull, the man was taken to a code red city hospital where his condition was reported as serious, where around midnight killed.

The woman driving the Tracker was arrested with her companion, because according to witness reports became violent when local police tried to stop them.